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Over the past 30 years, Santa Ana Bail Bonds has been the premiere company in the greater Santa Ana area of California for delivering high-quality bail bonds services to the residents and visitors to our local area. When a family is faced with dealing with the stress of a friend, loved one, or family member being arrested, they can look to our staff to help explain how the entire legal process works, how does bail bonds work, and to get the person who has been arrested released as quickly as possible on bond. We are experts in our field, and you can always count on our staff to be extremely discreet so we do not add any additional embarrassment to an already awkward situation for most. No matter what situation has arisen with law enforcement, you can count on the fact that our bonding agents have not only seen a similar situation, but know the most effective way to defuse the situation. You will always be extremely happy with the quality of our work, and we always put customer service at the forefront of all of our actions. We are:

Bail Bonds Santa Ana

When we first opened Santa Ana Bail Bonds more than three decades ago, we made it a point of emphasis with our staff that customer service was our number one priority. Since that time, we have made a name for ourselves as being one of the most professional bail bonding companies in California, and we always guarantee that we will do our best to protect your privacy throughout our working relationship together. In the majority of arrests, our clients will only have to pay the appropriate fee for the bond (typically 10% of the bond) and not have to put up collateral. If you do not have the money available to pay the full amount required, our agents are also authorized to work out payment plans with our client in many cases depending on the exact circumstances. Our staff knows how to take care of the full range of both criminal and non-criminal bonds, and if your loved one is going to spend time in jail for a greater offense that requires a judge to set the bond, we also know how to walk you through the process to visit them in prison if desired. No matter what your needs are, our team is here to help you through the stressful situation of having to deal with law enforcement, the courts, and prison system. If you find yourself in need of a high quality bonding agent, or just have questions about the bail bonds process, please give our staff a call today. You will not be disappointed in the quality of service we will provide you, but you will also be able to ask our staff for estimates or advice with no obligation to use our services. We look forward to your call.